Job: Police Division Chief

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Pay: up to $3,259,325.16/year

Salary : $4,821.49 Biweekly $125,358.66 Annually

Posted: 09/20/2017

Job Status: Full Time

Job Reference #: 1823701

Job Description

Overall Job Objective

Job Title:Police Division Chief
Closing Date/Time:Sat. 09/23/17 5:00 PM Mountain Time
Salary:$4,821.49 Biweekly
$125,358.66 Annually
Job Type:Full-time
Location:Littleton Center, 2255 W Berry Ave, Littleton, Colorado

The City of Littleton, Littleton Police Department is looking for a Division Chief.  Division Chief's manage the daily operations of the police department's Patrol and Investigations/Support Services Divisions.  The current opening is in the Investigations/Support Services Division however Division Chiefs may be assigned to command either division at the discretion of the Chief of Police.

The Littleton Police Department's Investigations/Support Services Division is comprised of the following units: Criminal Investigations, Records, Communications, Training and  Accreditation,  The ideal candidate should possess extensive experience managing criminal investigations units and directing major case investigations (see below for essential duties and responsibilities).

The Division Chief position is an appointed rank, serving under an Employment Agreement (as such, employment is at-will) and serves at the discretion of the Chief of Police.

General Purpose:
  • Work is performed with considerable independence under general guidance of the Chief of Police.  In the absence of the Chief, serves as the senior law enforcement official in the City.  Is expected to take significant independent action during times of public safety crisis in order to keep the community safe.  Exercises command direction and supervision over the activities of a division of the department.  Performs highly responsible administrative and supervisory work.  Operates a computer terminal with assigned software to enter and retrieve data, prepare and review reports, and perform related activities to perform essential job functions.  Performs other related work as required.
  • Serves as a representative of the department in meetings and interactions with other City departments and agencies outside the organization.  Acts as second-in-command of the Police Department as assigned by the Chief of Police.


Duties & Responsibilities:

The following statements are illustrative of the essential functions of the job and do not include other nonessential or peripheral duties that may be required.  The organization retains the right to modify or change the duties or essential functions of the job at any time.
  • Commands, directs, coordinates, and provides daily direction of employees assigned to the division.  Schedules and assigns work to subordinate employees and reviews the work of subordinates.  Plans, implements, and manages new division programs and procedures and manages existing division programs and procedures to deliver high quality customer services.  Manages the personnel and resources of the division to accomplish the established division goals and objectives.  Keeps the Chief of Police advised of the activities of the division.
  • Plans and manages the daily operation and activities of the division; responsible for insuring sufficient personnel and resources are available to deliver services and support to customers.  Customers include, but are not limited to, the general public, business and property owners and operators; other department and city employees; employees and officers of other government agencies and private companies; and members of homeowner and other community groups or organizations.
  • Prepares, controls, and monitors the division budget.  Responsible for the review and approval of division expenditures; plans, evaluates, and coordinates the purchase of materials and equipment for the division.
  • Writes, reviews, and administers performance evaluations.
  • Serves as a representative of the department; attends and participates in meetings with other City employees or representatives of other government agencies or other customers to plan and coordinate the activities of the department.
  • Promptly and courteously answers telephone calls and responds to written communications.  Through thoughtful and knowledgeable questioning, determines customer needs and provides the information or assistance to satisfy the customer needs; responds to inquiries and complaints from customers.
  • Operates a computer terminal with assigned software to prepare, monitor, or review correspondence, records, or reports.
  • Plans and arranges work schedule and establishes priorities to complete scheduled assigned work within the time frame and parameters assigned by the Chief of Police.
  • Delivers work products and services with responsiveness, courtesy, and tact in personal interactions with customers.
  • Work products and services are delivered within the assigned full-time work schedule except as noted in the appendices.  The work schedule includes a requirement to be available to respond to incidents that may occur outside the assigned work schedule.
  • Must be able to provide credible testimony in legal and administrative proceedings.
  • Observes and follows established City and department policies and procedures in the daily conduct of the job.
  • May serve as an Emergency Worker.

Secondary Responsibilities:
  • Participates in the development and enforcement of department and City policies.
  • Performs other assignments and projects as required.

Reporting Relationships & Supervisory Duties:
This Position Reports To:  Chief of Police
This Position Has Supervisory Responsibility For:  Responsible for the daily supervision of sworn and civilian employees assigned to the division.  Supervisory responsibilities include planning, directing, and supervising the work activities of subordinates; evaluating and reviewing the work products and work performance of subordinates; making recommendations on promotions, transfers, salary adjustments, demotions, and disciplinary actions; scheduling and assigning work; allocating equipment and resources necessary to accomplish assigned work; assisting in the selection, training, and professional development of subordinate employees.

 Education, Formal Training & Experience:
  • A four-year degree from an accredited college or university in any academic field shall be required to qualify for this position.  Division Chiefs are also strongly encouraged to attain a graduate degree or to demonstrate ongoing graduate degree coursework, including attendance in advanced law enforcement training programs such as the FBI National Academy, Southwestern Police Institute's Command Officer Development Course, and similar nationally-recognized training programs.
  • Requires completion and certification in a Police Officer's Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) course and certification as a Police Officer in Colorado; or Requires out-of-state applicants obtain a Colorado P.O.S.T. Provisional Certification; and Requires out-of-state officers to satisfactorily complete the requirements of the Colorado Police Officer and Standards Training (P.O.S.T.) Board as a level I Peace Officer in Colorado within the first six months of employment. See the Colorado P.O.S.T. website for training information if you are from out-of-state and
  • Requires completion of a minimum of ten years continuous service as a police officer, having served a minimum of two years at a command-level rank at least equivalent to that of a Littleton Police Department Commander.  

 Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:
  • Requires expert knowledge of the principles, practices, and techniques of police management and administration and the skill and ability to apply that knowledge to perform the essential duties and responsibilities of the position.
  • Requires expert knowledge of: applicable criminal and civil laws; the City code and ordinances; police methods and procedures; rules, regulations, and operating manuals and the ability to apply that knowledge to perform essential job functions.
  • Requires expert knowledge of police investigative techniques, procedures, and practices and the ability to apply that knowledge to perform essential job functions.
  • Requires solid knowledge of the principles and practices of: budget preparation, management, administration, personnel management, supervision, and the ability to apply that knowledge to perform essential job functions.
  • Requires solid interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills; the ability to effectively communicate and interact with individuals of varying social, cultural, economic, professional, and educational backgrounds including the ability to effectively deal with individuals who may be physically threatening, combative, angry, argumentative or disagreeable; the ability to act with tact, good judgment, discretion; and maintain the confidentiality of matters as appropriate. 
  • Requires the knowledge, skill, and ability to safely and effectively operate the following vehicles and equipment as demonstrated by previous work experience and demonstrated on-the-job performance:  personal computer with assigned software; telephone, telefax, photocopier; assigned police vehicle with associated emergency response equipment as required; two-way vehicle and hand-held radio; firearms including quarterly firearm qualification; expandable baton, handcuffs, gas canister; protective vest; digital camera and fingerprint equipment as assigned; other technology as assigned including laptop computer, tablet device, smartphone, and similar devices.
  • Requires the possession of a valid Colorado Driver's License appropriate for the type of vehicle to be operated and a qualifying driver's record.
  • Requires the following mental abilities to perform essential job functions:  alertness, precision, ingenuity, problem-solving, analytic ability, spatial perception, persuasiveness, auditory discrimination, tactile discrimination, speaking ability, memory, creativity, concentration, judgment, aesthetic sense, olfactory discrimination, writing ability, reasoning, imagination, initiative, patience, and visual discrimination.
  • Ability to understand verbal information and instruction.  Ability to exchange information with others and to develop and present recommendations.
  • Ability to read and understand written information.  Ability to compose information and instruction in written form.
  • Ability to translate verbal communication into effective written material, e.g., reports and other documents.
  • Ability to use mathematical reasoning is necessary to carry out the regulations and requirements.
  • Ability to utilize analytical skills and apply results.
  • Ability to use and apply technology.
  • Ability to speak one or more foreign languages is helpful, particularly Spanish.

Working Environment & Physical Activities:
Work is performed under circumstances involving hazards such as in-progress crimes, crime scenes, accidents, fires, and disturbances that may be threatening to life or cause bodily harm.  An extremely stressful environment during peak activity periods evolves that demands one's full attention to and coordination of numerous tasks simultaneously.  The following are some of the demands commonly associated with this position.  They are included for informational purposes and are not all-inclusive.
  • Long periods of standing, sitting or walking may be required.  Work is, primarily, performed indoors in a standard office environment, minimal outdoor work includes occasional exposure to: extreme temperature and weather changes; noise exposure greater than 85 decibels from vehicle traffic, alarms.
  • Must possess sufficient strength to carry barriers, evidence, or a human being from a hazardous area (average burden is 150-180 pounds) and sufficient strength to push/pull materials such as vehicles and debris (average burden is 150 pounds and can be up to 200 pounds). Climbs, balances, stoops, kneels, bends, crouches, crawls, and twists as necessary during the discharge of duties. Able to grasp and manipulate office, hand, and technical equipment and similar other tools and materials. Verbal and auditory capacity enabling interpersonal communication as well as communication through automated devices such as the two-way radio, intercom system, and telephone.
  • Visual and fine/gross motor skills enabling the use of firearms as well as office and field equipment.
  • Visual and fine/gross motor skills enabling the safe operation of an emergency vehicle during normal, emergency, and pursuit situations as well as during hazardous weather situations.
  • Ability to distinguish objects in low and bright light using visual capacity including peripheral vision, depth perception, color vision, and far and near acuity in order to observe all elements and distinguish color/descriptions of vehicles, suspects, victims, and other relevant information.
  • Ability to use a computer daily for moderate periods of time.
  • Olfactory sensory capabilities to detect criminal/hazardous situations.
  • Occasional exposure to fumes, sharp objects, odors, gases, and acids at accident scenes or when operating a motor cycle; occasional exposure to pollens, molds, insects, rodents, mechanical and electrical hazards including smoke-damaged or fire-destroyed structure and poor ventilation at some locations; occasional exposure to toxic or caustic chemicals including acids, solvents, and tear gas contamination; and possible exposure to explosive devices.
  • Requires the following physical abilities to perform essential job functions: lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling objects weighing up to 70 pounds; frequent fingering, feeling, reaching, and handling to operate controls on equipment and vehicles, operate computer keyboards and handle books, papers and files; climbing of stairs; balancing, stooping, kneeling, and crouching to store and retrieve books and files, train and practice defensive tactics and fire weapons; frequent ordinary hearing and talking to establish and maintain verbal communication in-person and by telephone and hear equipment signals; olfactory discrimination to detect drugs or drug-making chemicals; seeing with near and far acuity, depth perception, accommodation, color vision, and field of vision to see work products, people and objects at distances at distances greater than 20 feet; sufficient strength, flexibility, and stamina to restrain, control, and arrest subjects who may resist or threaten the safety of the employee or others.

Elements of Contact:
Frequent personal contact occurs with individuals of the public, an inmate, or arrestee.  This position requires physical contact of touching, controlling using sufficient physical capability to overcome and restrain a combative or resistant subject, and sitting by an individual as well as the examination of a person's extremities and body cavities.  Hand-to-hand exchanges and face-to-face verbal communications between the employee and the public are required on a constant basis.  This position may require immediate response to medical emergencies where blood, body fluids, or other medical hazards may be present.  The employee may not have time to take precautionary and protective measures.

OSHA Notice:
  • This position has been determined to be an extreme exposure risk to "biohazards" associated with blood-borne pathogens, HIV (Aids virus), HBV (Hepatitis B virus), and air-borne transmissions of TB (Tuberculosis).  Employees of the department are advised that exposure to "biohazards" may result in severe illness or death.  Employees are required by policy to use protective equipment and clothing.  Inoculation may be required to prevent or treat exposures to "biohazards" and other hazardous conditions.
  • With unprotected noise exposure up to 100 decibels during firearms training, the use of protective hearing devices is mandatory during firearms training to reduce noise exposure to permissible OSHA exposure levels.


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